Our Services



Our cyber capabilities include intrusion analysis and detection as well as vulnerability and threat discovery and assessment. 

We perform target analysis using various analytic techniques to prioritize, assess, and report information obtained from passive / active collection and network reconnaissance. 

As information becomes weaponized, we are experienced protectors of client data, networks, and infrastructure across the government.


Our cyber analysts, engineers, and information assurance specialists identify vulnerabilities and coordinate action to maintain data and system integrity in the face of evolving threats. 

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Information Technology

Our IT services deliver a strategic advantage from the front-end warfighter to analysts and decision-makers. 

Our Quick Reaction Capability support empowers an agile, heterogeneous IT ecosystem with complex and evolving mission needs.


We expertly provision and manage development, test, and production environments central to complex IT projects. 

We have deep experience in providing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support for both defense and non-defense customers. 

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We deliver integrated solutions balancing performance, affordability, and mission needs, whether systems engineering, technical targeting and analysis, cyber operations and exploitation, or transformational engineering. 

We provide the right mix of highly cleared talent and emerging technology for a decisive intelligence advantage central to mission success.


Through integrated intelligence and shared content, we enable situational awareness and a common operating picture for our customers’ most time-sensitive missions. 

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Intelligence Operations

We help our customers retrieve, track and assess all source ambiguous intelligence information. Our wide range of services throughout intelligence life cycle help customers think ahead of time and plan for the future. 

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Project Management

We deliver total project, program, and portfolio management solutions tailored for each customer’s mission, technical, and social environments.


Program success is our goal, and we deliver through effective management processes yielding insight into operational efficiencies, performance, and progress. 

Our project and program management support includes project-to-enterprise performance improvement as well as acquisition lifecycle support. 

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